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Full Stack Talent Acquisition Solution

We offer our customers the most cost effective recruitment automation platform available in the
market currently. We help them attain their organisational goals and achieve success by acquiring the
best talent while optimising hiring costs.
We provide solutions that are affordable and deliver the highest level of efficiency,
productivity and quality. Each of the following built in modules can be integrated into
customer’s talent acquisition system as per their specified requirements.

Talentrackr proprietary applicant tracking system is specifically designed to streamline recruitment processes. Leveraging predefined and customizable workflows the platform equips the hiring organisation in data mining and manage the flow of communication between various stakeholders and the candidate.
It’s an amalgamation of state of the art tools which seamlessly manages various facets of the recruitment process – from job posting to resume discovery from social media platforms or other sources to pre-qualification of candidate, and final selection.

Talentrackr ATS automates and increases efficiencies in the hiring process optimising costs and reducing turn-around times at all steps of the hiring process.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Simplistic and precise resume search and screening, keyword based search basis skills, experience, education, availability or location
  • Candidate pre-qualification basis skills, education and experience with auto ranking
  • Candidate tracking across stages of hiring, onboarding and beyond
  • Customised offer letter creation with CTC breakdown and offer acceptance status monitoring
  • Real time tracking of centralised database for mapping requisitions to hiring stage
  • Streamlined single window communication and feedback tracking, bringing together interview panel, hiring manager recruiter and the candidate
  • Centralised document repository for all hiring process requirements such as background and health check, interview feedback, candidate information
  • Career page integration for posting openings where candidates can search and apply for open position directly from corporate website
  • Automatic mail triggers and alerts for recruiters to act on new requisitions and track position aging
  • Lower time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and improved quality of hire

Helps recruiters efficiently manage profiles received via job boards into a structured database which enables faster discovery, retrieval and processing.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Builds structured talent database quickly from all resume documents
  • Parses resumes for all widely used formats – word, pdf, rtf, etc
  • Integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook
  • Utilises a high performance search engine for profile discovery and management
  • Intuitively maps relevant profiles to requisition pipeline with a keystroke
  • Automatically detects and flags duplicate profiles
  • Eliminates tedious and at times inconsistent data entry

Helps recruiters efficiently qualify, select and onboard talent leveraging an easy to use platform which is convenient for candidates as well and enables them to respond with pre-recorded responses or appear for live interviews anytime from any device.

Attributes & Advantages

  • User friendly interview scheduling and coordination capability
  • Centralised interview feedback collection and candidate tagging
  • Structured assessment modules that help in initial screening and testing
  • Intuitively design assessment modules for different levels of testing
  • Cost, time saving and convenient

Leverage dynamic dashboards and reports to discover patterns and trends, derive insights and transform processes to increase efficiencies.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Real time decision making using customised dashboards
  • Ad-hoc and periodical reporting of candidate pipeline growth and recruiter performance management
  • Identify the efficacy of social media channels for niche candidate sourcing
  • Analyse success rates for employment campaigns, job listings, and social network postings
  • Utilise natural language processing to find and map profiles to job descriptions

Reach out to qualified but passive candidates and increase hiring flexibility by leveraging social media integrations built into the platform.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Utilise social media to search and connect with candidates and referrals thereby increasing recruiter outreach and talent quality
  • Integrated feature to share open jobs on corporate and personal social media, expanding reach to active as well as passive talent pool
  • Automatic job posting scheduling to select social networks where postings can be amended throughout campaign lifecycle
  • Monitor and analyse successful social media candidate sourcing with real time reports and leverage the same in the future

Increase modes of sourcing and track referrals leveraging employee referral integration within the platform.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Fast and cost effective access to highly qualified candidates
  • Recruiters can track candidates referred by employees and provide timely updates
  • Integrate employee referral program in recruitment platform and reduce vendor dependency and cost
  • Manage and track employee referral compensation in a centralised manner

Collaborate with your hiring partners and vendors enabling stronger and streamlined candidate sourcing and candidate pipeline growth.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Performance and vendor success rate management of hiring partners through dynamic reports
  • Seamless candidate resume management submitted by vendors into central database
  • Repository to track vendor and recruitment contracts and supporting documentation
  • Monitor duplicate resume submission by third party vendors on a real time basis

Recruiters, hiring managers, executives and hiring managers can access Talentrackr from any device and on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) globally without latency.

Attributes & Advantages

  • On demand recruiter and candidate status management and assignment
  • Candidates can apply to jobs using mobile devices
  • Centralised information sharing with resource managers and recruiters
  • Access real time activity dashboards for recruiters, resource managers and candidates
  • Instant access to the centralised profile data base from any web browser – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari

Talentrackr digital onboarding module facilitates automatic onboarding processes, tasks, e-forms and monitors new hire onboarding progress simultaneously.

Attributes & Advantages

  • Sets up new hires to become productive while administrative, IT and HR onboarding processes keep moving ahead simultaneously
  • Alerts with email triggers ensure mandatory due diligence
  • Leverage customised workflows and templates to collect and store candidate information
  • Engage new hires with user friendly tasks, onboarding messages and videos that helps automate, track and manage onboarding processes while showcasing employer brand

Automate campus and walk-in recruitment with a solution that comes with ease of configuration as per the scale and job requirement.

Attributes & Advantages
Schedule and co-ordinate with candidates, interview panel, campus placement officers systematically
• Design online candidate assessment tests on behavioural, qualitative and quantitative aptitude as per job profile
• Disseminate pre-recorded candidate awareness videos and webinars to campuses
• Seamless interviews on video conferencing with recording and storage
• Centralised mapping of candidate information and assessment results with ATS
• Reduced cost of hire, effort and attrition rates by focusing on fresher talent

The Careers page is one of the most important sections of your corporate website. Talentrackr simplifies and automates management of your career page. With Talentrackr you can easily post open positions to careers section on your website and various social media channels. Talentrackr’s simple interface helps the job seekers easily apply with minimal data entry and keep track of their applications.
Our built in resume parser works behind the scenes to reduce data entry for the job seekers.


Attributes & Advantages

  • Unique career page link that can be integrated with your company website
  • Attract the best candidates through you career page and easily track applications, schedule interviews and digitally store feedback and other candidate information.
  • Shortlist the best fit candidates with the help of our advanced matching algorithms
  • Get access to features like – Resume Parsing; Customised, digital candidate application forms; Mass mailing; Thousands of pre-defined job description templates; Interview scheduling along with calendar invites; Candidate history and digital profile

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